About Us

At North London Actors (NLA) we have established a creative and productive, welcoming base for actors, writers and directors.

We present a wide range of interesting plays,which we perform as semi staged rehearsed readings in front of an audience.

These are prepared in one 4 hour rehearsal. Apart from being hugely enjoyable, we believe that the rehearsed readings are very advantageous professionally for our actors, especially for auditions, and makes them more employable.

We aim for the highest standards in front of our audiences in an excellent venue.

Membership fees are deliberately kept low to ensure accessibility for all. We are welcoming to new members and it is our aim to be open to new ideas.

'It is frequently said that theatres today are minimising their repertoire, for fear that audiences will not come to see anything they do not already know. Happily, NLA goes in the other direction.'
Helen Cashin, actor and NLA member

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